Why me Lord?

“Why me Lord?”

A question I’ve often heard asked but never asked about myself as a survivor of abuse is always wondering What? instead of Why? I asked, “What?” What is this for? What is the purpose? God has a purpose for everything and it’s not to hurt me, I’m sure.

Why?  That question drove me crazy when my children were growing up. Why this? Why that? Why?  Why?  Why? Let’s break it down. Why?, is an information seeking question. We are an inquisitive species and seek to gain knowledge every day, all day, and that’s not a bad thing. Every child wants to know “Why is the sky blue?” However, we can also use why in a form that doesn’t give us all the information we are in need of. Why doesn’t answer the real question we should be asking. When we are hurting we ask “Why me?” It’s a selfish question and doesn’t get to the root of the purpose. Would it really matter “why” you were the one chosen? Here’s the better question. Why Not?

We are emotional beings and when we get stuck in a state of “Why me?” we tend to focus on all of the negative aspects of the situations we experience. Focusing on the negative easily starts the spiraling reaction of fear, guilt, and shame.  All lead to depression. When we are clouded by these emotions, we can spend our entire lives missing the mission that was given to us. It’s time to stop asking “Why me?” and start asking “Why not?” “What is this for?” “What can I learn from this?” “What is the purpose?” What can I do for others who may encounter this situation?” Find the positive in the situation and it will lead you to the purpose.

I believe, the life purpose for every living thing on the face of this earth was planned out before the foundation of the earth was set. I know that the reason I went through the things I did in my life, and the reason you have gone through the things in your life, is all part of an intricate plan. It’s looking within ourselves that can tell us where we belong in that plan. “Listen” to yourself internally to determine what direction to go in next. When you listen to the happenings of your life and seek to overcome them rather than be deafened from the noise of it; you can find the purpose to your life.

I now call it training. ‘Lessons’, if you will. Training brought me to my purpose. And given that it is necessary to have all different kinds of people in the world.  It’s also necessary that they experience different things to give them the knowledge they need to help them develop mentally. If your only question is focused on yourself, you silence what could possibly benefit others.  You are leaving out the real purpose of your life, and you are unknowingly helping the advancement of your sorrows. Evil is silent and stealthy. We have to start talking about the abuses that occur in our society. We have to overcome the fear that lives in silence and stand up for what is right to cause a reversal of the norm. When we become bold enough to begin talking about it, standing up for yourself becomes the norm rather than silence.

So what was your training in? Do you know? Take a look at your life. What was it for? What am I to do with this? Don’t just sit on your training, hiding it from others like it’s something to be ashamed of. You were trained for a specific purpose. It could be to reach out to millions like Gandhi, or it could be to reach out to one like the daily heroes we hear about; those we don’t hear about; or the person who saved themselves that no one knows of. Had they not listened to know their training and find their calling, to be available for their purpose, they would not be who they are and we, as a society, would not reap the benefits of their keen senses and develop into our own true self-awareness.

We are not here living on this earth to serve only ourselves. We are only living to serve others. Are you using your life experience to service others? If not, why not?

I encourage you to take a moment and think back, check your training manual. Did you study the lessons? Do you know what they were for? Find your purpose, God didn’t train you for nothing…


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