The power of Silence


Ya know, I’m not sure that people really understand the full power of silence. Silence is used in many different forms, it can heal… and it can kill. When I was rising up out of my silence I wanted to remove the word from my dictionary. I wanted to never be silent again. But what I didn’t realize was I needed the silence. I needed it just as bad as they did. They used it against me and now I use it against them. I use my silence to pray, to meditate, to remember, to pour my soul out. What was meant to kill…now heals.

The things we should shout about the most are the things we talk about the least. We keep it in silence hoping no one will know so no one will judge you for it. In that silence the situation is still working on your mental wellbeing. Any issues that you face in life must be dealt with. If you don’t deal with them, they will certainly deal with you. It will throw you off balance and have you spun around in a direction you never intended on going down.

When you take control of the silence you are able to influence your own mental wellbeing. Once you break your own silence you can start to heal and start to help others. When you begin to help others break the silence that’s when the real recovery can take place.

I was a victim. Now I am a Survivor of Human Trafficking. Of the hundreds of men who raped me only three received any kind of sentence for a crime. I’ve broken the silence and written a few books about my life. The first of those books ~….And he called me Angel~ will be released in Feb 2015. The second ~ Silencing an Angel ~ will come shortly after and the third is yet to be named.

As I have gone through the process of writing these books I have found my voice and I am ending the silence for me and many others. I am active in the fight against Human Trafficking and I’m looking for more Angels to join the fight. I have also found that I love to write and I have information to share. Thus the beginning of my blog. I hope to share my thoughts, life lessons and creative thinking with all of you. And with followers I hope to gain more knowledge about the world and the people in it and maybe have a support group to help each other along the way.

With that being said,….let’s get the show on the road!


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