What were you trained for? What is your purpose?

“Why me Lord?” a question I’ve often heard asked but never asked about myself. As a survivor of abuse I always wondered What instead of Why? ask What is this for? God has a purpose for everything and it’s not just to torture me, I’m sure.

Why? now that’s a question that drove me crazy when my children were growing up. Why this? Why that? Why, why, why? But they needed to know. Let’s break it down, why, is an information seeking question. We are an inquisitive species and seek to gain knowledge everyday, all day, and that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes we can use why in a form that really doesn’t give us the information we are really in need of. It’s helpful to know why you were the one chosen for something but does it really tell you much you don’t already know or the purpose behind being chosen. But that “Why me” stuff can get you stuck in a rut that is almost impossible to get out of.

We are emotional beings and when we get stuck in a state of “Why me” we tend to focus on all of the negative aspects of the situation you are in.  Focusing on the negative easily starts the spiraling reaction of guilt and shame. When we are clouded by these emotions we can spend our entire lives missing the mission that was given to us. You have got to stop asking “Why me” and start asking “What is this for?” “What do I need to learn from this?” “What is the purpose?”

I believe, the life purpose for every living thing on the face of this earth was planned out before the foundation of the earth was set. I know that the reason I went through the things I did in my life and the reason you have gone through the things in your life is part of a intricate plan. We must all search ourselves to find where we belong in that plan and listen to our lives to determine what direction to go next.

I now call it training. Training to bring me to my purpose. Lessons if you will. And given that it is necessary to have all different kinds of people in the world it is also necessary that they go through different things to bring them to the knowledge they will need to be who they will be. Let’s go back a few years for our example, do you think the school teacher and the gladiator would require the same training to be succesful in their field. If the teacher was given life lessons of a gladiator, who is trained for self-preservation and others deprivation, do you think he would be that great at giving of hisself to his students and caring that they develop, probably not. Now before you get in a tizzy we all know there are exceptions to every rule.

So what was your training in? Do you know? Have you even reviewed to see? Take a look at your life, what was it for? what am I to do with this? Dont just sit on your training, hiding it from others like it’s something to be ashamed of. You were trained for a specific purpose, it could be to reach out to millions like Gandhi or it could be to reach out to one, like the many hero’s we hear about and some only the person saved knows about. Had they not listened to know their training, to be available for their purpose, they would not be who they are and we would not reap the benefits of their keen senses and develop into our own true selves.

So I encourage you to take a moment and think back, check your training manual. Did you complete all the lessons? Do you know what they were for? Find your purpose, God didn’t train you for nothing…



The power of Silence

ImageYa know, I’m not sure that people really understand the power of silence. Silence is used in many different forms it can heal… and it can kill. When I was rising up out of my silence I wanted to remove the word from my dictonary. I wanted to never be silent again. But what I didn’t realize was I needed the silence. I needed it just as bad as they did. They used it against me and now I use it against them. I use my silence to pray, to meditate, to remember, to pour my soul out. What was meant to kill…now heals.

I was a victim. Now I am a Survivor of Human Trafficking. Of the hundreds of men who raped me only three received sentences. A set of twin men and my trafficker. I’ve broken the silence and written a few books about my life. The first of those books ~….and he called me Angel~ is in the editing stages and will be published soon. The second ~ Death + 500yrs ~ will come shortly after and the third is yet to be named.

As I have gone through the process of writing these books I have found my voice and I am ending the silence for me and many others. I am active in the fight against Human Trafficking and I’m looking for more Angels to join the fight. I have also found that I love to write and I have something to say that others need to hear. Thus the beginning of my blog. I hope to share my thoughts, life lessons and creative thinking with all of you. And with followers I hope to gain more knowledge about the world and the people in it and have a support group to help each other along the way.

With that being said….let’s get the show on the road!

Hello world!


I am so excited to begin my new blog based on my non-ficton book based on my years as a victim of Human Trafficking in the Heartland, Oklahoma City. The purpose of this blog is not only to create an audience for my book but also for a resource for information related to Human Trafficking in the USA.

Shanna Parker